Try Out a Private Limo Service on Your Next Trip to Miami!

April 29, 2020 0 Comments

Travelling to Miami in the near future? Congratulations for choosing this as your next travel destination! It truly is one of the most exciting cities in the States, full of surprises and opportunities at every other step. Whether you prefer exploring the city or you’re all about partying in the best clubs there are, Miami sure has a little something for everybody.

Alright, let’s expand your plans a little bit. Besides getting your plane tickets, booking your hotel room and doing some research for fun things to try out in Miami, don’t forget to book a private airport transfer as well! We think it’s a great way of experiencing a whole new level of transport services, with affordable prices if you know where to look, of course. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with what’s best out there 😊

Twelve Transfers is the company you should go for. They may seem new, but actually the folks running the business have over 6 years of experience in the airport transfer field. After thousands and thousands of successful transfers operated to and from London City, the company decided to take their services to the next level and open up their services across the ocean for the people in the Miami area as well.

But why should you choose an airport transfer service and not public transport or a taxi? Well let’s start with the basics – there’s no level of comfort that matches the one you get in a luxurious, clean and spacious vehicle operated by Twelve Transfers! The trip between the airport and the hotel can turn into a pleasant and relaxing experience, as all should be, not a run-for-your-life scenario.

Also, it’s not that pricey either. Twelve Transfers offers daily transfers between Miami International Airport and pretty much anywhere in the Miami area with prices up to 20% cheaper than most its competitors. Even better, this percentage only increases if you’re travelling with a big group!

Don’t worry about safety. All of the Twelve Transfers drivers are professional, experienced chauffeurs that take their job seriously. Not only they will transport you safely to your destination, but they’ll do it in a professional manner, worthy of every penny you pay for.

We could also talk about the easy payment method – you simply head to the official Twelve Transfers website, get your instant quote for your route and then pay online with your credit card, easy, secure and from the comfort of your own house – or wherever you happen to be at that moment, of course.

Other benefits include waiting and parking time for up to 30 minutes included, the meet and greet service provided by your driver or the flight-tracking feature, which allows your chauffeur to track your flight and wait for you at the right time – no matter if you arrive early or a bit behind schedule.

Sounds great right? We really hope you’re going to look into this, as Twelve Transfers is surely going to rise quickly in the top airport transfer companies in the Miami Airport limo services league. It’s time to experience another type of travelling, one where you’re always a priority 😊