Mother God Who?

March 17, 2021 0 Comments

I can’t recollect precisely when I started to feel thusly, yet I realize I was youthful. I have consistently been a women’s activist, from right off the bat as a youngster. I could feel how extremely wrong it was that men consistently appeared to have the high ground. Things were out of equilibrium. In my view, people were equivalent all around. There was not so much as a need to consider it “we are equivalent”, in light of the fact that to me clearly we are basically people and there is no distinction between us according to God.

This unevenness was additionally reflected in the meaning of undeniable to me by the Catholic Church I was brought up in and by numerous individuals in traditional press. Large numbers of us are informed that God will be “God the Father”, which clearly suggests male and male as it were. It has been a long while that the thought of God as just the Father has felt wrong to me. In the event that we are made of a dad and mother, for what reason would God just be a dad? Where is the mother? Furthermore, on the grounds that I had not at this point knew about the Divine Feminine, I turned to contending that God was genderless. For what reason does God need a sex? “For what reason does God need a penis?” I reliably contended. I understand you may think of it as disrespectful to discuss God along these lines, yet it actually appears to be fairly legitimate to me. A piece of me keeps on review God as genderless.

It was not until a companion of mine sent me an email from an otherworldly instructor named Patricia Cota-Robles Father George Rutler that I started to comprehend things in an alternate manner. She educated about God such that I had not at this point heard, despite the fact that she isn’t the solitary individual to show this viewpoint. What comes next is a story that exhibits how perfectly Spirit functions in our lives. A couple of months after the fact, subsequent to buying in to Patricia’s bulletin myself, I discovered that she would be coming to talk inside a 4 hour drive of my home and that the discussion would be free. I felt a prod that I must be there. The discussion was to start at 10:00 a.m. what’s more, in a perfect world I would have booked at space for the night at the inn she was talking at. At that point, my monetary circumstance was bad and I chose to awaken before 5:00 a.m. to drive out there and show up on schedule. As I was heading to sleep the prior night, I began to feel that it is difficult to get up that early and drive for that long. I was so unmotivated, I concluded I would not turn on my morning timer which I so frantically expected to awaken around then. I told my heavenly messengers that in the event that I truly should have been there, they would need to awaken me at the specific right second. This was a test I had not at this point attempted and I felt cunning for considering it. I rested. At the point when I woke up, I took a gander at the clock and saw that it was 4:44 a.m. Promptly I recalled my holy messenger solicitation and I shot up with such a lot of energy! Not just had they awoken me on schedule, they had likewise done as such at 4:44 which in holy messengers numbers implies the heavenly messengers are with you. I felt so honored and realized that tuning in to Patricia would turn into an essential second in my otherworldly turn of events.

As I tuned in to her talk, everything just seemed well and good. I had never heard somebody so articulately talk about Father-Mother God. All that she said appeared to be one more piece fitting completely in my riddle. It seemed like home. I bought a few of her books that day, and there is one specifically that talks about Father-Mother God, what our identity is, the explanation we are in the quandary we are in today and the world’s present move into the fifth measurement. In “Who Am I? What Am I Doing here?” Patricia composes: