The “Real Estate Bubble” is a Hoax

September 15, 2021 0 Comments

There are many people we know who own every tape, buy every book, attend every seminar, and become real estate investing “Encyclopedias.” BUT, they never do anything with them. Why? Because if your knowledge is not put to use, it will convince you that “this” real estate investment thing does not work. However, Forbes Magazine and history would show you wrong.

The number of Americans who have become wealthy by investing in realty has increased since John Jacob Astor in the 1800s became America’s First Millionaire. This was after he bought Manhattan. Profits from other business ventures, like operating businesses, are often reinvested in real estate.

Being an investor is the best way for you to learn how it’s done.


Rule Number Three: Start TODAY – Right Where You Are. Many new investors say things like “When money …”, is available” or “When time …”, is available” and then they get started. They are saying “I am scared of failing at this Real Estate Thing”, which is really what they really mean. The sooner they stop lying to their self, the sooner something great will happen in them lives. The truth of the matter is that almost all successful real estate investors (including Donald Trump, Sam Zell, Ron LeGrand, Robyn Trombone, and Robyn Thompson) were scared to death when they started putting together their first deal. It was the fact that they did something, and not being afraid to take risks.

Sir Isaac Newton said it best when he wrote his first Law of Motion. “An objects at rest tends t stay atrest …”. This means that if your current activities continue, you should expect the same results. However, if you are looking for something different in life, you have to get “in motion”. Real Estate business is learnt by doing. Today is the time to stop making excuses. Keep learning as you “Go In Motion”, so you can “Stay In Motion”.


RealInvestorsTM is a key player in your success. With these three rules, we hope RealInvestorsTM can become a key part of your success. We are interested in hearing about your success, regardless of how small or great. We want to encourage you to “Go in Motion “…” and “Stay In Motion.” Let’s get moving…

Start with one strategy. Please remember Rule Number One: FOCUSFOCUSFOCUS… DO NOT try to master every strategy, before you even get started. If you do¬†mls listings you’ll be overwhelmed with information and never know where to begin. Decide on one strategy that works for you. Then, read about it. And then, go out and do it!

Take a 6-month commitment where you will be fully focused on this strategy. Meet other investors with this strategy. If you don’t see results after 6 months, you can either network with them or get your first deal. You must not be let down. It was fine. It was okay.

Each sport had their own rules and each required a different mental “game”. If you came to the baseball fields with a shoulder pad and a lacrossestick, someone would have asked that you return to the field when you were “ready”. This is also true of investing – especially if you are just getting started. It is possible to “Play Like Mike” one day, but as a new investor, let us keep it simple. Only one strategy, no distractions, until you have proved it will work. This for most people will take at minimum six months.


* Join the Real Investors Forums regularly and make posts to learn about the issues facing other investors in real estate. Most likely, these issues will also be facing you in the near-future.

* Real all Real Investor Articles. This will expand your knowledge base on real estate investment in general.

* Visit Real Investor Bookstore and select the course that focuses on the specific strategy you choose to start. Do not purchase courses that cover multiple strategies before you complete your first deal.

* Join your REIA. You will meet other investors… some of them seasoned, others just starting. You will have the chance to meet other professionals, including contractors, mortgage brokers, hard-money lenders, and real estate agents. You may even find a mentor.

* Invest to your education To learn more about real-estate investing, attend any and every opportunity such as The National Real Estate Investor’s Conference. These events are great opportunities to learn, network with, and make agreements with other more experienced realty investors and scholars. Online classes, such as Real Investor’s University(REIU), can be used to fill in for the missing events.