"Our DR Missions Trip was truly life changing and I could have never imagined how much it would mean to me nor how much my relationship with the Lord would florish!"

— Christine Ault, Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy


Rental Agreement 

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Sports Clinics

"We have seen hundreds profess to receive Jesus as the conclusion of our Dominican baseball clinics. We thank God that he has chosen us to be used in this unique way to bring the Gospel to the remotest parts of the earth and to see the fruit of our labor as well. We continue to pray for His wisdom, guidance and blessings." Jeff McDonald, former professional baseball player and baseball missions coordinator for 10 years.


Innovative sports clinics (currently baseball and basketball) provide an evangelistic outreach through the use of professional and amateur sports instruction. People of all ages gather to hear the word of God communicated through sports themes. New and used equipment is donated from individuals, churches, and manufactures. Baseball Meeting M-G-M's field director meets with pastors and coaches months in advance in preparation for the baseball clinics. At the end of each clinic a message is shared. We arrange in advance for the local pastors to attend so those who indicate an interest in Christ can meet the pastors and integrate themselves into the church. Basketball M-G-M has a basketball court at our Missions Center which attracts children from the neighborhood. The court is also used for volleyball and concerts.