"Our DR Missions Trip was truly life changing and I could have never imagined how much it would mean to me nor how much my relationship with the Lord would florish!"

— Christine Ault, Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy


Rental Agreement 

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Our History

In 1994, eight people went on a short-term mission trip with an interest in serving God. Today, hundreds of people venture to the Dominican Republic and Haiti each year to minister to people in need. Several thousand people representing many denominations, from all over the United States, have joined M-G-M on short-term mission trips. MGM short term mission trips are designed to take people out of their comfort zones; away from the phones, computers, work, family responsibilities and daily grind. The destinations are filled with people who have physical and spiritual needs and limited resources. The satisfaction and fulfillment you feel from helping someone with genuine need must be experienced to be understood. The combination of being out of ones comfort zone and the realities of the people you are serving, help short term missionaries share God’s love personally. Many experience God in a way more decisive and intimate than they ever thought possible. When people experience God in this new way they often discover God’s plan for them and find motivation and spiritual strength to work towards new found goals. The benefits are eternal.