"Our DR Missions Trip was truly life changing and I could have never imagined how much it would mean to me nor how much my relationship with the Lord would florish!"

— Christine Ault, Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy


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Optical Clinics

Carol Wurst, Optical Ministry Founder..

"What a privilege it is to serve these people in their villages and sugar cane locales as we build relationships that glorify God and expand His kingdom. "


Preparation for the mission is year-round. Donated eyeglasses are collected from a variety of sources. Individuals, businesses, and church groups collect glasses throughout the year. The glasses are cleaned and repaired if necessary, and categorized by prescription.

The Exam The Team

Equipment to do an exam in the field is simple. Eye charts, occluders, and prescription loops are used for a basic exam. To ensure an accurate exam patience is needed to bridge the language barrier. Most people we serve in the DR and Haiti have never had an eye exam and many do not read.

Once a prescription is given we then search through our supply of donated glasses for an appropriate look and fit. Frame warmers (if we have electric), screwdrivers and pliers are used to ensure a comfortable fit.
The Optical Teams day is very busy in the field. Trucks are loaded with several hundred pairs of eyeglasses and exam equipment. The Optical team, along with interpreters, board the trucks.

Many times we will travel with the medical team. Other times the Optical team travels separately to an orphanage, school, or village where a need has been identified. The neediest people are seen first as identified by local pastors, mostly older people.