"Because of our abilities in football, my son and I have had many opportunities to serve together - but our trip with MGM stands at the top of the list."

— Leo Wisniewski, former NFL player, speaking of his trip with his son, Stefen, starting center for Penn State University


Rental Agreement 

If you would like to rent the MGM facility, click here to download the rental agreement.


What We Do

The MGM ministries are “organic” in that every ministry has come out of the gifts and abilities of those going on the trip. Some of the most significant ministries have come from a simple idea of one person. Ministries are continually changing and growing out of the dynamics of new travelers. If you have a gift or desire that is not listed here, please contact the leadership to see what might be possible!

In a given week, each traveler might participate in a number of ministries. The opportunities are abundant, and travelers are encouraged to be flexible and let God direct their schedule.