iPod Touch & iPhone Messenger App’s Reviewed

August 31, 2021 0 Comments

Instant messaging allows you to communicate with your friends and colleagues anywhere in the world. Instant messaging using text-based messengers is a great way to chat with family, friends and colleagues in a way that’s similar to if you were all in the same place. Skype offers free or very affordable voice and video communications. This is an excellent service that you can have on your computer, whether it’s for business purposes or just to keep in touch with loved ones around the world.

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Many popular messaging apps, such as MSN and Yahoo, are available on the iPhone and iPod Touch. These apps can also be used to access your Skype account. You can make free calls to other Skype users and cheap calls to any landline anywhere in the world. It is especially useful for iPod Touch users because it adds a microphone to your device, making it a low-cost telephone.

This article will discuss four of the best messaging apps. These apps are all free to download and can be used for free. However, you will need to pay a small fee if you want to call landlines or mobile numbers via Skype. First, fring.


It works with the following services:

Skype, MSN Messenger and Google Talk. ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo! AIM (& mobile me), and a variety of SIP services.


It is easy to set up. First, you will need ELMESSENGER PRO REVIEW to register on fring and enter the required details. Once you have created a fring account, you can select the services you want to add (Skype MSN, Gtalk, etc). To obtain login details, register on the respective websites if you are not yet a member.

In use:

The main screen of fring is the buddy list. This screen displays not only the members of your chosen networks, but also your entire address book. You can also contact people outside your network via email, SIP or Skype out. Your iPod Touch can be used as a microphone for SkypeOut. My only problem with the buddy list is its inability to group and identify service users. However, it does group all your online friends at the top.

To send a message to a contact in your list, tap on their name to make a call. The message screen is simple and easy to read. It also makes a nice sound when a message has been received. The landscape keyboard option is not available, making typing more difficult. You can use the Dialer to make a SIP call or Skype call to any standard telephone number. It is basically a full-screen number pad.