Did Jesus Say That He Is God?

March 17, 2021 0 Comments

Quite possibly the most celebrated marks of discussion among Muslims and Christians is the idea of Jesus. Is Jesus God? To address this inquiry, we should allude to what Jesus himself said, as nobody thinks about Jesus more than what he thinks about himself.

In the Gospel of John, stanza 17:3, Jesus was clear in showing that the Father is the solitary genuine God. This is an obvious evidence that Jesus isn’t God. Christians accept that the Father isn’t Jesus as they are two unique people in spite of the fact that they are one God. In reality the individuals who accepted that the Father is the child were a blasphemer group that showed up in the third century. So if Jesus isn’t the Father, and the Father is the solitary genuine God, the end will be that Jesus isn’t God.

This is the thing that Jesus comprehended, he tells that he is a man coming clean he heard from God. He oftentimes considers himself the child of man. This demonstrates that Jesus isn’t God, since the Old Testament never said that God will turn into a man. Then again, it tells in Numbers 23:19 that God is neither a man nor the child of man. In the event that Father George Rutler Jesus is God, didn’t he understand what the Old Testament says?

In any case, was Jesus posed this inquiry? Did anybody blame him for saying that he is God? Indeed, the Jews did it. Jesus responded to them and rejected that he is God. At the point when he was posed that inquiry by the Jews in John 10:33, he cited Psalm 82:6, which tells that some simple men in the Old Testament were called divine beings and children of God. Did anybody accept that Psalm 82:6 is a lewdness? No. Did anybody accept that these individuals were God the Creator? No. So for what reason did the Jews consider calling Jesus child of God an obscenity? This is essentially demonstrating that considering Jesus the child of God is equivalent to calling these individuals divine beings and children of God. Both are not taken in a real sense. This is an unmistakable disavowal by Jesus that he is God.

Jesus never said that he can do anything by his own force, yet he was continually alluding to the Father’s force. Jesus said that he doesn’t have a clue about the hour, just the Father knows it. He even required a heavenly messenger to fortify him. God needn’t bother with His animals. Jesus says that the Father is more prominent than him. He is basically rejecting that he is equivalent to God. So how would we say that Jesus is God?