"Because of our abilities in football, my son and I have had many opportunities to serve together - but our trip with MGM stands at the top of the list."

— Leo Wisniewski, former NFL player, speaking of his trip with his son, Stefen, starting center for Penn State University


Rental Agreement 

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Dental Clinics

Dental professionals needed!!
Please contact M-G-M if you would like to participate in this exciting ministry.


M-G-M officially began a dental ministry in 2007. A portable dentist office was shipped to the DR for use by the mission teams. The unit included a portable dental chair, dental instruments and lighting. Combined with M-G-M’s portable generator the dentists were in business.

The need was much greater than originally anticipated. In the Haitian villages outside the city, where dental care is non-existent, people use pieces of sugar cane as a wedge and a rock as a hammer to crush infected teeth and remove them. The mission teams pulled over 50 teeth each day (no rocks or sugar cane), performed minor restoration and cleaning, and provided dental health education. So many people experienced instant relief and were genuinely appreciative!