"I really liked how priorities were set as far as putting God first and letting Him do all the work. I fully intend on keeping up with morning devotions, continuing to take cold showers, and being a whole lot more appreciative of what I have here."

— First time MGM missionary


Rental Agreement 

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CONSTRUCTION MINISTRY Construction was M-G-M’s first ministry and continues to be a major outreach. Requests for churches, schools, and housing for the elderly and homeless Haitians in the DR far out number the projects M-G-M can complete. Local pastors contact M-G-M with their needs. Once a project is chosen, the land is purchased plans are finalized for the dimensions of the building. A footer is completed before M-G-M missionaries arrive. In a matter of days cinder block walls are built, roofing, windows and electric are installed. The construction crew starts their day with devotions and a hearty breakfast. Tools which have been shipped from the United States are loaded into trucks. Lunch, water, and a few other necessities (like baseballs, soccer balls and bubbles to play with the children) are also loaded onto the trucks. Once at the worksite the construction crew gather with local workers in prayer before work is begun. Flexibility is key at the construction site. The materials, tools, and labor are much different than what professional construction workers are used to in the United States. Cement is mixed by hand on the ground by local workers and hauled in 5 gallon buckets. Cinder blocks are made on site and carried many times over by hand to the work area. As the construction day progresses local children gather in curiosity. By lunchtime a game of baseball or tag is likely. By the end of the week relationships are formed as the missionaries share their love of Christ with the children and people in the surrounding neighborhood.Not only do we have the construction ministry, but we also take part in sewing and gardening for those indivuduals who desire to volunteer in those areas.