"I really liked how priorities were set as far as putting God first and letting Him do all the work. I fully intend on keeping up with morning devotions, continuing to take cold showers, and being a whole lot more appreciative of what I have here."

— First time MGM missionary


Rental Agreement 

If you would like to rent the MGM facility, click here to download the rental agreement.


Welcome to the MGM website.  Here, you will find out news and information about the mission, how to sign up, and what to bring on a trip.  There is also a blog with updates and information from each trip!

New Trip Schedule

There is a new trip schedule for the January trips in 2015. There are now going to be only four trips going on January — the February trip has been removed. Go to the trip schedule page to see the updates.

Click here to download the trip application form to sign up for a trip.

Change in Travel Policy

There is a $10 entrance fee for entry into the Dominican Republic that is paid at the airport by anyone entering the country. This fee is not covered by MGM.

Village 50

Village 50 Construction Costs

1 housing unit – $6000

Break down:

1. Footer – $300
2. Blocks, cement, rebar, wood  -  $1200
3. Paint  -  $200
4. Kitchen  -  $800
5. Bunk bed and mattresses  -  $300
6. Queen bed and mattress  -  $200
7. Doors and windows -  $200
8. Table and chairs  -  $150
9. Rain barrel and gutters  -  $150
10. Restroom  -  $500
11. Floor - $2000

An individual, church or organization can sponsor a housing unit. As a result, you will receive a plaque, dedicating that house to the individual, church or organization.

Donations for Village 50 would be gratefully accepted and can be sent to: Tim Pohl, 457 Nagle Rd., Erie, PA 16511

View drawings of the floor, furniture, and neighborhood plans

Watch a video about Village 50


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Dios te Bendiga!


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